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Outstanding teaching and learning is our core purpose at Hallfield and we are proud to achieve excellent outcomes for all children through the delivery of our creative curriculum.  Awarded an “outstanding” judgement by Ofsted (2013) and now completely aligned with the New National Curriculum, our thematic approach uses a broad and balanced spectrum of rich content and experience to encourage creativity, higher order thinking and a commitment to learning that will last

a lifetime.


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Hallfield follows Letters and Sounds as our phonics program. Daily phonics teaching in the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 focuses on securing children’s recognition of phoneme’s and graphemes. Children are given lots of opportunity to apply this in their reading and writing.


Hallfield’s performance in Phonics assessments in Year 1 continues to be above the national average and we continue to ensure that these high outcomes continue throughout their school experience in Reading and Writing.


Parent workshops are held across the year to support parents and homework is given weekly around children’s phonics learning for the week.



The curriculum sets out expected spelling patterns and words that children should be able to spell in each age group. To support this Hallfield uses the spelling scheme ‘No Nonesense Spelling’.


Children are given spelling patterns each week to learn and tested weekly on their understanding of these patterns. The understanding of the etymology (where the words have come from) and morphology (the structure of words) of words helps children to make sense of new words they encounter when reading.

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