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Hallfield works with Place2Be, a national charity supporting schools to improve the confidence and wellbeing of children and young people. Place2Be provides emotional and therapeutic support to pupils, families and staff in more than 250 schools nationwide. It gives pupils a space to express themselves through talking and creative work, and to think about any worries they might have. Place2Be also provides support for parents and staff too. Some information is enclosed to tell you more about Place2Be and its work.


One of the most popular aspects of this service is called ‘Place2Talk’. It’s open to all pupils, and they can make a lunchtime appointment to spend 15 minutes with a trained counsellor, either by themselves or with a friend. On average, about a third of pupils in Place2Be’s schools take advantage of this service every year. Pupils often talk about friendships or any worries they may have.

Parental consent

If you give permission for your child to use Place2Talk, you do not need to do anything. Unless we hear otherwise from you, the school and Place2Be will assume that your child has parent/carers’ permission to come to Place2Talk. We also assume you are happy for the school to tell Place2Be your child’s name, date of birth, year group, gender and ethnicity. This information is stored securely and used solely to evaluate Place2Be’s service. Please see the separate sheet, at the end of this letter, for more information on this.

If would like to find out more, please Stacey Riberdy (Place2Be School Project Manager) or Phil Tomsett (Assistant Head Teacher) who will be very happy to answer any questions. Alternatively, if you do not want your child to participate in Place2Talk, you may complete and return the slip in the Letter to Parents section of this website, by 20th of October 2017.