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Tree of Life

Dear Parents/Carers,


As children transition back to school post Covid-19 closures, we want to let you know about our plans for an intervention with the children, to reflect on the ways they have tried to stay strong. With so many different experiences, culture and communities represented within our school, we wish to promote the independence, dignity and coping strategies. In particular, we will be exploring one of our Hallfield values: resilience.  Children will also be given time to tell and share their stories of friendship, identity, family and background.


The ‘Tree of Life’ is an 8 session intervention that represents individual children’s lives using different parts of a tree as a metaphor. It is a strengths-based approach, drawing on principles of Narrative Therapy to focus on stories of competence, rather than problems.


To support children’s understanding of their ‘roots’ over the coming week, we encourage you to talk to your child about their family background (e.g.: family tree, country of origin, stories from your childhood). Children may also want to bring in objects of significance to their background to show the class, such as flags, family photograph, traditional clothing etc.


At the end of the intervention, we will be sharing your child’s ‘Tree of Life’ with you by sending home a copy. Your child will also be given a personalised certificate, which details their skills, abilities, dreams, hopes for the future and special people they want to appreciate in life. 


Thank you for your continued support.