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World Autism Acceptance Week at Hallfield

Dear Families of Hallfield,

This week we are celebrate World Autism Acceptance Week at Hallfield.

World Autism Acceptance Week is an internationally recognised week which is celebrated from 28th of March to 3rd of April.  It aims to draw attention to the people living with autism in the UK, to raise awareness about the condition and to help make the world friendlier for autistic people.

This year, at Hallfield, we are focusing on ‘acceptance’.

Acceptance is an important part of the process when our young people are diagnosed with autism, whether it be acceptance of what autism means to the young person themselves, or acceptance of how autism may impact the lives of the parents or carers supporting the young person. Acceptance also comes from the community surrounding the young person, with people accepting autism as part of the whole person so they feel valid and recognised in society.

To recognise the week, we are holding a few special activities at Hallfield.

Across the week, the school council will put together the ‘5 good rules for an autism-friendly school’ which will be discussed in their different classes. Some pupils will have the opportunity to visit Acorns our ASD resource provision including the sensory room and soft play.

Monday 28th of March 

Each class will learn about celebrating difference in the classroom. Staff and students around the school will discuss and reflect on what autism means to them.

Wednesday 30th of March 

Pupils will be making rainbow-colored infinity symbols in key stages to mark our awareness of autism. The rainbow-coloured infinity symbols represent the diversity of the autism spectrum as well as the greater neurodiversity movement. The different colours and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition.

Friday 1st of April

In order to celebrate the wide range of neurodiversity at Hallfield, we are inviting children to dress in a variety of bright colours to create a rainbow effect, children could even face paint a rainbow.  


Thank you for your cooperation,

Gina Frascogna

Lead teacher Acorns ASD provision