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Open days

We recognise the central importance of parents/ as children’s first educators. We believe they have a significant role to play in the lifelong education of their child. We strive to create and maintain partnerships with parents/carers as we recognise that together, we can have a significant impact on a child’s learning.

                                                                                                                                                                   Hallfield EYFS Policy 2021


Open days

Throughout the year we hold Open Days for parents. Parents visit the classrooms and find out more about the learning which takes place.

Here is some of the valuable feedback we have received:


"My visit to my daughter's class has given me a very positive picture of how she and her classmates learn fundamental skills that are very important for their future life and education process. Combination of play and elements of formal teaching seems to be very efficient by allowing the children both to absorb knowledge in a smoother way and enhance their focus and discipline."

"It's a great experience, thank you very much for the opportunity. We as parents see great progress in our son's language"

“We especially appreciate that the teachers challenge my daughter in her literacy and numeracy skills.”

“Overall I found it to be a very positive and enjoyable experience, which helped me to put my son’s learning into context.”

“It was a useful insight into my son’s routine at school. It was really nice to be able to look at his work books and see how he has been progressing in class."

“Today I found the open morning very eye-opening and helpful, was great to see how far she has come since September."